A recent customer of ours explained the tumultuous ride she has dealing with MS, a condition that worsens with age and for her, causes many days filled with pain. Of course, there are medications that can assist her in various stages of her disease but they also come with a high cost – about $800 for a 90 day supply … and that’s just one script for the various issues associated with MS. Her muscle pain has become manageable with the introduction of our Body Butter Relief Cream, which contains 500-1000mg of CBD per 2 oz container. An application to the source of the pain provides nearly immediate relief – she stated “Anyone that knows me well enough knows that I suffer from terrible muscle spasms from the multiple sclerosis and that I’ve been on every type of muscle relaxers to try and help lessen the muscle spasticity. NOTHING from the medical community or big pharma has helped me much… this CBD cream and massage is the only thing that gives me relief…”

Nothing makes us happier than providing relief to people who have yet to find the solution for them. Although CBD may not work the same for everyone, it’s natural abilities to improve the body are tremendous. The human body contains an Endocannabinoid system which is responsible for controlling and maintaining the body’s balanced regulation. The receptors for the Endocannabinoid system are located throughout the body, providing various different results. CBD Body Butter 2oz

Not sure if CBD therapy is right for you? Browse our FAQ section for lots of detailed information, we offer multiple CBD products for your needs and comfort level. We are here to assist if you have any questions!