It seems the recent passing of the infamous “stoners holiday” (April 20th) brought on a new era of cannabis infused fast food … well for the day anyway, and only if you live in Denver CO! Carl’s Jr, a fast food chain, debuted what they are calling the  “Rocky Mountain High: CheeseBurger Delight” as a test to see how well its popularity and return demand would fair. They are the first major fast food chain to release a cannabis infused entree and chose the perfect day to use as their test – 4/20! It seems it will go on for more than just ‘the holiday’ but doesn’t specify the length of time or exactly where the other locations serving this CheeseBurger Delight.

Would you try the Cannabis infused burger or have you tried another form of CBD edible? What did you think? Although it is an easy and seemingly more natural way to take CBD, the edible portions can be a bit tricky and its important to understand what the difference between eating a CBD burger and taking daily doses of full spectrum oil from NuWay Healing Alternatives. CBD-infused foods likely will not contain the therapeutic (300 to 1,000 milligram) doses of CBD needed to benefit a person. It’s more likely to find about 10, maybe 15 milligrams total, and very far from what is likely an effective dose. Although infused foods still introduce some levels of CBD into the body, its important to understand that using the product to achieve a specific result isnt achieved through infused burgers and salad dressings.

Proper dosing of CBD and it’s most common uses are listed in our FAQ section here

If you or someone you know is considering adding CBD to their daily routine, please ensure diligent research is performed on the product you choose to use; there are many companies jumping on the CBD wagon and unfortunately are not offering a true and honest product. A third party lab test showing the exact ingredients of the product with test dates should always be freely available for you to view. We are always here to help answer any questions you may have, email us anytime:

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