Have you ever heard the term “work-life balance” and scoffed a bit thinking, ‘yeah I work to balance my life’ or something similar? The work culture you are in 40 or so hours per week ultimately has a huge impact on your day to day life and your health! Do you have an established routine that makes you feel stuck in auto pilot or maybe in neutral? Different life stages will cause this as well but it’s often highlighted in our work life that we are programmed to plan life around our work schedules, which in turn causes more stress, anxiety and pressure to perform. This breaks down our health over time. Taking care of yourself is very important and a healthy body performs better than a neglected tired one. Seems like common sense doesn’t it? Easier said than done though. How does one get that work-life balance and reduce the day to day stress? Start by looking at your work culture, how does it benefit the “life” portion of your balance? How are you proactively taking care of yourself?

CBD Oil for humans 5mlCBD therapy offers a wide range of benefits that includes anxiety and stress relief. Many of our customers have reported the anxiety relief they get from our products has helped them greatly improve their daily interactions and peace of mind. Interestingly enough some of our new users reported not truly seeing the positive effects of CBD therapy until they stopped using the product and then profoundly could see the differences from use. CBD takes time to integrate with the body and perform at its peak, it’s not going to be like taking Tylenol for a headache and seeing an immediate difference in 30 minutes. Offering a natural alternative to pharmaceutical options, CBD provides benefits for overall improved health, relaxation and pain-relief. CBD has been known to increase the amount of anadamide, also called the bliss molecule, giving you an increased benefit of relief  and relaxation; its also been known to aid in quitting smoking, curb drug withdrawal and form a resiliency to stress. Although CBD therapy will effect everyone differently, it is a great starting point to gaining control over the anxiety and stress.

The topic of CBD leads people down various paths with many questions. I have tried to compile as many as I could into a FAQ section here so that no matter where you choose to source your CBD from, hopefully you are a little more educated on the topic. Due to the FDA not regulating the CBD industry as of yet, there are numerous companies out there making promises of their products that just aren’t true. It’s important that you ask questions of your CBD supplier and are provided with their third party lab test results that state what ingredients are in the product. It’s almost like trusting gas station sushi – not something high on most people’s bucket list. A well established, honest company will have nothing to hide when it comes to providing you with a product to benefit your health; NuWay Healing Alternatives is here to provide the best information and top quality products for you to get the true CBD therapy you deserve.

Other helpful facts:

  • CBD Therapy is great for relieving anxiety and stress in pets
  • CBD is offered in many forms including oil, cream, edibles and more
  • CBD full spectrum is different than CBD broad spectrum and will produce different results
  • CBD is legal and does not produce a euphoric high of any kind

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