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NuWay Healing Alternatives aims to provide customers with a natural solution to their needs, allowing them to bypass the mainstream pharmaceutical options and utilize Mother Nature. Established in 2018, years of research have been put in behind the scenes prior to creating the company. Personal experiences drove our CEO to seek out alternative medicines for individuals suffering from various conditions that are unable to handle pharmaceuticals or simply don’t want to deal with the many side effects. Mother Nature provides us with the most therapeutic medicine and has for thousands of years.

Aliments CBD Can Help With

Loss of appetite or to balance metabolism
Increase memory, energy and balance
Trouble Sleeping
For more information on other ailments CBD can help:

Why We Are Unique

Not all CBD products are created equally, and we strive to source only the best products to ensure our customers get the natural relief they are seeking. All NuWay Healing Alternative products are proudly sourced from Colorado using all natural, 100% organic, free of additives and preservatives, non-GMO, lab tested practices. Our CBD products are derived from top of the line purification and extraction methods and unless otherwise indicated, contain 0% THC. We are happy to provide COA’s promptly upon request!

Choose a natural alternative with CBD products that can provide relief for numerous ailments. NuWay Healing Alternatives is dedicated to guiding you through the various CBD products available to understand which is best for you. We strive for quality and consistency in serving your CBD needs.

Natural. Informative. Relief.

What We Do

Our CBD oil for humans and pets contains the most milligrams per milliliter you’ll find in the industry … it is designed to produce a minimum of 48-50 mg per/mL. Knowing the breakdown of how much CBD you are getting is important in saving you time and money, see our oil dosing chart here.

NuWay Healing Alternatives offers a product for everyone’s needs and comfort levels in various dosages:

  • CBD Oils for Humans
  • CBD Gummies
  • CBD Oils for Dogs
  • CBD Topical
  • CBD Gel Caps
  • CBD Glass Vape Pens
  • CBD Tincutres

Looking for a product we don’t offer? Chances are we can get it for you, just ask us! Click the button below for a full list of all our products.

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If you still have more questions about what CBD can do for you or if you have questions about your purchase feel free to reach out to us today!

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